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iPad Scheme 2021

The Scheme for next year has now opened. We are opening it early to counter global demand shortages. iPads ordered will be delivered to the school and then to children for September. There are no payments made until September.

Parents can buy or use their own devices. Please contact the school if that is something you wish to do or find out more about.

The following page should hopefully provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice about the iPad scheme. Like last year we can not provide a physical meeting this year. We have therefore provided 3 videos for you: we ask you to watch the videos if you are considering entering the scheme or bringing a device. We are then offering a question and answer session over zoom for any follow up questions with myself and Miss Jackson.

The videos:

1) a video explaining the scheme; the costs, the insurance and warranty, the devices etc
2) a video from Miss Jackson; showing how it works in the class
3) a video showing classroom practice and children's perspectives

Underneath the videos we have placed a variety of documentation to attempt to answer any questions however sometimes we recognize that you may have further questions. If so please call.

We are working to the following time frame:

1) Portal opens on Tuesday 4th of May. Parents sign up for the scheme.
2) Portal closes on Tuesday 25th of May
3) School receives notification of leases and signs lease documentation
4) iPads get delivered to school for set up over the summer holidays
5) iPads get handed out to children when school returns in September, families set up family sharing if they wish.

The Portal link to sign up is here  

Portal Codes



This year in recognition of the current hardships that parents may face school is making a contribution to parents in receipt of Free School Meals. If this applies to your family you will need to contact the office to get a different Portal access code.

After watching the videos some may decide that they wish to purchase their own iPad independently of the scheme or use an existing one. The school is happy for this to happen. Please check that the device is compatible against the lists provided below and has 32GB of capacity. Please let us know you intend to do that. It helps us manage stock levels.

The scheme is run in conjunction with Jigsaw 24 a licenced Apple Education reseller. The school has worked with Jigsaw for 7 years.

The Videos

The Scheme





How it Works





Classroom Practice