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School Council

Meet our School Council!!


Congratulations to our new School Council Members who have been elected by their peers in each class from year 2 upwards. 
Last year, we had the opportunity to visit the polling station and see real voters go inside and make their choice. We discussed using our voices collectively and how this can make an impact to our daily lives when we want to make a difference and see change. Among our achievements were:
  • Introducing rules around Playground trades
  • Introducing and implementing the EAT SMART project . The children instigated change and a huge saving of 29% was made on the £48,000 of food waste a year. 
  • We were invited to Magic Hat cafe in Newcastle as a thank you for our work (that was nice!)
  • Spending money to replenish our playground equipment


This year we have started our work, we will keep you updated on our plans but already we have
  • Continue our work around EAT SMART and food waste
  • Re address playground trading rules-so teachers can spend more time teaching!!
We’ll look forward to updating you with further achievements and once again, well done to our new School Council members of 2023!