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Young Carers

Benton Park Primary is a Carer Friendly School! If you are a carer let us know how we can help.


Who is a Carer? 

Do you look after someone that has an illness, disability, mental health illness or addiction that couldn’t manage without your support? If the answer is YES you are a carer! Visit to read more about the definition of a carer.

In our school we know that many of our pupils may have a caring role for a parent or family member who is unwell, parents may also be carers for family members or friends. We understand that this can be challenging and we are here to ensure that you have access to appropriate support when you need it.


If you/your child has caring responsibilities please let us know! Even if you feel that you don’t currently need support. By letting us know about a caring role we can:

  • Make sure that you have access to information, advice, grants, group activities and much more for carers of all ages including young carers
  • Talk about any support needs you might have as a family e.g. if your child may be late due to caring responsibilities
  • Check in with you to see if you need any support from school


We are committed to supporting carers of all ages, please contact Claire Scott in school to discuss any caring responsibilities, I am here to listen. 


Where else can you get support?

As a school we would really like to know about any illness, disability, mental health illness or addiction that is impacting upon you and your family. Being a carer can be a really positive thing if the right support is in place at the right time, if you/your child is looking after someone who is unwell it is really important that you know about the help you can access. Support for young carers can include fun ways to take a break e.g. going on trips with other carers to make friends and try new things. Lots of carers groups offer fun activities like horse riding and art sessions. Charities can also help by offering emotional support, financial help and much more. 


We can refer you to your local carers support service if you give us your consent, they would then give you a ring to tell you more about how they can help. There  is no pressure to be involved, support is voluntary and confidential.

Alternatively you can contact a carers centre yourself to find out more, each local authority area has a different carer support service. Choose the right one from the list below depending upon where the person with care needs lives.


 Newcastle Carers:

135-139 Shields Road

Newcastle upon Tyne




T: 0191 275 5060

SMS: 0787 4100 043

Facebook: /NewcastleCarers

Twitter: @NCLCarers

Instagram: @nclcarers

If the person that you care for lives in Newcastle you can access a wide range of support from Newcastle Carers. They work with carers of all ages, take a look at their leaflet Young carers can really benefit from the fun and flexible support that they provide and there is loads of help for adult carers too.

 North Tyneside:

If you live in north Tyneside and think your child may be a young carer, contact the Early Help Team for advice:

Adults looking after someone that lives in North Tyneside can contact North Tyneside Carers Centre direct:

Tel: 0191 643 2298