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Choosing your next book

There are so many choices within children's literature, it's difficult to know what to read, what's age appropriate, what to read next, if you liked a particular book, author or genre. Here are a few helpful websites and links to look for that next or new book. 


Book Finder - Booktrust

From teacher and blogger Dean Boddington (Twitter @misterbodd) take a look at these genre or age specific reading suggestions 

Recommended reads for different age groups - in the style of a London Tube map!

tube map mkii 3 phases.pdf

 Genre roadmaps from animals to mystery books and many more choices!

reading roads 1 .pdf

 For younger readers, you might also like to take a look at a reading blog page written by one of our Governors Filza. You can find her page below:

Mamma Filz Book Blog