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HIARP@ Benton Park Primary

 The Hearing Impairment Additionally Resourced Provision (HIARP) for deaf and hearing impaired pupils is provided by Newcastle City Council and also supports some pupils from neighbouring Local Authorities.

  • The HIARP is staffed with two Qualified Teachers of the Deaf and specialist Learning Support Assistants.
  • Each pupil with a hearing impairment is included within mainstream classes with appropriate support from HIARP staff. This support includes monitoring the use of audiological equipment and the provision of visual and practical materials to enable access to the curriculum.
  • Equipment such as radio aids are provided jointly by Health and Education. Education purchase and maintain the transmitter and Audiology purchase and maintain the receivers. Decisions regarding provision of radio aid equipment are made after a trial of the equipment and assessment of the benefit to the child.  
  • Staff provide additional individualised programmes to support the development of communication skills.
  • Learning needs may be met through one to one and small group sessions in a quiet environment and may include pre- and post-tutoring to support class based learning.
  • HIARP staff liaise closely with subject teachers to ensure that all pupils with hearing impairment make appropriate progress to achieve their full potential academically and socially.
  • Pupils have the opportunity to participate in all areas of school life. As a result, all pupils at the school begin to understand the implications of hearing impairment. They learn to respect people with a disability and are always willing to help and support their friends with a hearing impairment.






HIARP@ Benton Park Primary