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Vision & Values




 Try hard, Be Kind, Attain High

On the 2nd September 1952, the first Headteacher of Benton Park Primary School, Mr R. M Hall, opened the school’s Junior department doors and welcomed in 95 children from the local area.

Since then the school has been through many changes: many children have come and gone, likewise have staff, but the thread of commitment to serving our community remains.

Benton Park Primary school is your school. Whether a pupil, a parent, a grandparent, a carer, a friend, a colleague or a visitor; here regularly or not, I want you to feel welcome. And as a pupil, I want you to feel not only welcome, but happy, safe and included in our school.

Our school has built a reputation over the years for its inclusivity and friendliness; as a school community we hold this value close to our hearts. It is something we ‘practice’ every day through treating each other with respect, kindness and good manners.

Trying hard and striving to improve are essential to to all our successes at Benton Park. In order to ensure your child and our pupils achieve well and attain high, the curriculum has three main aims:

it should enable our children to ‘know and do’ – building from a strong focus on knowledge acquisition, including ‘cultural capital’, teaching and learning should prepare our children appropriately for the next stage in their life; to make a valuable contribution to society;

it should enable our children to question, reason and discuss – learning should support our children to form opinions of their own; want to search and find out more; puzzle over ideas that might seem difficult to grasp or understand; shape the ‘knowledge’ of the future;

it should enable our children to communicate, share their ideas and knowledge  in a sporting competition; as a piece of artwork; in a story or a poem; as a speech, performance or song; in a radio show broadcast. Regardless of their starting point, our curriculum should enable our children to be confident in sharing what they know and what they can do; each and every child should have the opportunity to celebrate their successes and share their achievements.

Very best wishes

Dominic Martin


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