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Deaf Resource Base curriculum

As and where necessary, adaptations are made to our curriculum for our deaf pupils. 

Deaf Resource Base Curriculum Policy

curriculum policy deaf resource base 23 24.pdf

Adaptation within provision

The deaf resource base has been carefully set up to mirror and reinforce work in mainstream, as well as to provide more specific resources to support the children with their deafness, including an audiogram, their daily LING sounds for identifying and discriminating, and a board to display current topics of conversation, to support their incidental learning.

Adaptations within lessons

As and where appropriate we make adaptations for our pupils to allow deaf pupils to access our curriculum, in particular securing an understanding of key vocabulary and its linked sign language. Key vocabulary is highlighted in GREEN tthroughout our lesson documentation or knowledge notes.

Adaptation should also ensure tasks, talk or play are accessible: scaffolding breaks down the learning into manageable 'chunks' without overly simplifying or changing the integrity of the learning opportunity. 

Likewise, adaptation should ensure tasks, talk or play are manageable: there is a manageable number of amount of information, parts or components within a task for a pupil to work with. 

 Personal Development for deaf children

In addition to the school based personal development offer, children within the Deaf Resource Base have further focused lessons to help them understand their deafness and what it means to them:

  • opportunities to look at their knowledge of hearing loss;
  • management of audiological equipment (including assistive devices and the environment);
  • deaf and hearing awareness, effective communication strategies and transition;
  • deaf friends' days, where pupils meet with other deaf children across Newcastle;
  • meeting deaf role models from within the community - including opportunities to learn about the world of work for deaf people;
  • how adaptations such as hearing dogs help deaf people including school sponsorship of a puppy in training 
  • access to regular speech and language therapy sessions as appropriate;
  • access to independent travel training as appropriate.