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Phonics - Oxford Reading Tree 'Floppy Phonics' 


As a school we use Floppy’s Phonics; a systematic synthetic phonics programme to teach early reading as well as enriching vocabulary and language comprehension.

Floppy’s Phonics links to the Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) teaching principles described in the ‘English programmes of study: key stages 1 and 2  National curriculum. Phonics is taught daily in Early Years and Key Stage 1, with reinforcement in Year 3. 

Resources include hundreds of fabulous full-colour illustrations with masses of potential to develop language comprehension skills – essential for young learners and learners who not only need to learn how to read, spell and write in English but who are also learning to speak the English language as a new language!

The Floppy’s Phonics programme teaches the letter/s-sound correspondences of the English alphabetic code explicitly and comprehensively for reading, spelling and handwriting:

-Systematic and structured with inbuilt rigorous revision to ensure the success of every child;
-Includes the characters of Floppy the dog, Biff, Chip and Kipper and their family and friends, with hundreds of colour pictures to engage children fully for the phonics teaching & learning, vocabulary enrichment and language comprehension;
-Rigorous teaching sequence ensuring the phonics teaching & learning is straightforward, effective and allows for differentiation in simple, but effective, ways
-Builds up knowledge of spelling word banks over time where words are spelt with the same letter/s-sound correspondences.                                                                                        -Decodable reading practice throughout teaching resources and aligned decodable reading books

 Phonics Road Map EYFS & KS1

Phonics Road Map

Phonics Teaching Sequence 

Floppy Phonics Teaching Sequence

Floppy Phonics Text Example