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At Benton Park we work just as hard on our Behaviour as we do on the Academic parts of the curriculum. We wish for children to achieve of their best; whether that be academically or socially.

We believe it matters that children are kind, show good manners and help others-we expect this from the children.

We share this with them and we enact it too; in the way we treat children and each other. 

As we often say to the children: 'Manners and kindness are free!'

6 Values

The 6 Values seen above can be seen in each classroom. They also provide the certificates, the framework and focus for the weekly Golden Assemblies conducted by Mr. Martin and Mr. Shepherd. 

What is the Golden Assembly?

Children come together on a Friday to celebrate their achievements throughout the week. The achievements are all linked to our 6 values. In the assembly children are recognised by their teachers for showing one or more of the values during that week. This recognition happens in front of their peers, the children receive a certificate and a sticker. Everybody loves a sticker! 

We also celebrate birthdays during this celebration. And again stickers are supplied!

What reward system is used?

Class Teachers decide on their own reward system in their class. This is often a personal choice of the teacher which reflects the age of the children they are teaching. The school is happy for teachers to personalise this element however all teachers praise and reward around the 6 Values outlined above. 

What if children struggle to behave? 

As a school we understand that some children need more support to help them manage their behaviour. The school has an extensive Pastoral Support system that hopes to meet this need as outlined here

How can we understand the schools approach?

We have produced an illustrated behaviour document which shows the values and approach of the school.

Behaviour illustrated

Our behaviour policy can also be viewed below.

Behaviour on a page